The secret to a better health is to cleanse your body! It has been estimated that 95% of all disease begin in a toxic body. In addition, a weak immune system exacerbates any health problem. The M'lis Detoxification Program is a complete internal process that purifies the liver, bowels, kidneys and blood, while cleansing all tissues of the body. This total body program is the first step in reversing the course of chronic health conditions, enhancing beauty, and is an important part of a regular health maintenance and prevention regimen.  

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M'lis Detoxification Kit includes:
1 M'lis Fiber, 200 caps (gluten free)
1 M'lis Cleanse, 90 caps
1 M'lis Detox, 90 caps
1 Instruction booklet
1 Free M'lis 32oz sport bottle ($7.00 value)
1 sample of M'lis Instant Meal Shake ($4.00 value) 

M'lis Detoxification Instructions:
Day 1 & 2 - PREP DAYS, take the Detoxification Kit herbs and eliminate meats, dairy, processed foods with white flour/sugar.  
Day 3-5 LIQUID DIET DAYS, take the Detoxification Kit herbs and drink 64oz of the lemon/maple syrup mixture, drink 64oz of distilled water
Day 6 until herbs are gone, continue taking the herbs like day 1 and slowly re-introduce healthy foods back into your diet and

 After day 6 make sure your body is getting the nutrition it needs by adding complete nutrition to your daily routine with M'lis Daily Essentials and M'lis Instant Meal Shakes.